....that precious booty, the rounds and the rings they had reft erewhile, hardy heroes, from hoard in cave - trusting the ground with treasure of earls, gold in the earth, where ever it lies: Beowulf extract and translation from final chapter XLIII

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

It is hoped that the work will ultimately be built to a massive scale near the M6 by artist  Andy Edwards. Supporting this idea, a Staffordshire Saxon Statue Committee is represented by the following key members:
The ultimate vision for the project involves the potential for a number of sculptural commissions at different scales  - but with all of these centred on an inital commissioned figurative sculpture of an Anglo-Saxon warrior currently being created by the artist. As such, a 9-feet high sculpture has already been created at the Wedgewood factory, and is now sited in the lobby of the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery. A further 12-foot version is next to be cast in bronze by the Castle Fine Arts Foundary. Thererafter, an even bigger and much more ambitious vision for a 126 foot-high version of the sculpture is also being developed - with the intention for it to be sited permanently overlooking the M6 - provisionally somewhere close to Junction 16. 

Subject to any detailed future consultation, this major public artwork is seen as becoming an inspirational regional beacon, highly visible during the day and at night. Using a blend of local skills of artist, designers and fabricators, the project once realised will look to bond a sense of community pride in the Hoard, whilst also adding huge value to the unique cultural identity of The Potteries, Staffordshire and the wider West Midlands. 

Nothing on this blogsite is of a confidential  nature, and all information is publically accessible via the internet. What it currently provides however is a portal to contain all related information and links on one site.

The intention of project partners is to produce a full project website containing all the Staffordshire Saxon project information, once the feasibility has been fully considered. In the meantime, this blog as well as Andy Edwards own webpage serves as a temporary equivalent of that website.

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