....that precious booty, the rounds and the rings they had reft erewhile, hardy heroes, from hoard in cave - trusting the ground with treasure of earls, gold in the earth, where ever it lies: Beowulf extract and translation from final chapter XLIII

Friday, 17 October 2014

New Staffordshire Hoard Gallery

The current Staffordshire Hoard exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery closed in August 2014,in preparation for the opening of the new Staffordshire Hoard Gallery. This is due to open in mid-October 2014. This exciting new gallery is principally funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Visitors can learn more about this incredible treasure, from its Anglo-Saxon warrior history, to the ongoing conservation techniques used to unlock its secrets today. Objects from the Staffordshire Hoard first went on temporary display at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in September 2009, two months after the Hoard was first discovered in a Staffordshire field. Objects from the Hoard have been on continuous display at the venue since March 2010 and have attracted more than 600,000 visitors from all over the world since then.

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